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Congo-Foret operates within the Bandundu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) near the town of Dima. Bandundu is one of the eleven provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It borders the provinces of Kinshasa and Bas-Congo to the west, Équateur to the north, and Kasai-Occidental to the east. The provincial capital is also called Bandundu (formerly Banningville).

The landscape of Bandundu province is mainly one of plateaus covered in savanna, cut by rivers and streams that are often bordered by thick forest. The province is bisected by the Kasai River, which flows into the Congo River on the province’s western boundary. Other major rivers are the Kwango, Kwenge, Kwilu and Lukenie. Lake Mai-Ndombe is the largest lake, with this lake and the surrounding swamp forest forming the southern portion of the Tumba-Ngiri-Maindombe Ramsar wetlands.

Most villages are situated on the higher ground, with the villagers practicing shifting slash-and-burn agriculture in the valleys. The main crops are manioc (cassava), maize, squash, and beans. Two main trade languages are spoken in the Bandundu Province: Lingala, spoken north of the Kasai River, and Kituba (also called Kikongo ya Leta) spoken south of the river.

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General map of the DRC (shaded)

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