Our Operations - Logistics & Transport

With limited access to the Congo Basin via road and increasing regional activity, Congo-Foret’s river transport system allows us to service the agricultural ports and deliver product to market in each district.

As part of our existing assets we own a 470 pusher boat and two 400 ton barges. We are increasing our capacity with another 240 horse-power boat and 250 ton barge. The pusher has efficiently moved commercial loads for the company between Kinshasa and Ilebo, and now with the exploitation of the Rubber, is supporting the operations full-time, with the furthest being approximately 1,500km from Dima in the north. Boat building has commenced in Dima to rehabilitate some of the old vessels and modify them to efficiently move the raw product from smaller rivers in the north.

Local administration and marketing is co-ordinated principally at Kwilu, Dima and Kinshasa. This area of the business is likely to grow considerably over the next few years and the increase in agricultural produce from own operations together with local output presents an ideal marketing opportunity for Dima as a trading centre.

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