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Congo-Foret is committed to responsible commercial agriculture and environmental management in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and demonstrates this on a number of levels. This commitment to responsible commercial agriculture and environmental management distinguishes us as a company.

The company’s approach ensures environmental compliance with all legal requirements and involves local communities in appropriate aspects of agricultural and environmental management. 

In addition to our sustainable business model; Congo-Foret has carried out a number of initiatives for the benefit of the local communities;

Firstly, the development of a sustainable agricultural model for local small scale farmers to discourage slash-and-burn farming methods and to increase the economic and social status of the local people. An estimated 3000 villagers have been afforded the opportunity to earn cash through the sale of latex off company land and during 2010 Congo-Foret opened a shop and a small club at Dima to provide locals with a communal meeting place. The club has grown in popularity as a place to bring children for entertainment. The vision is to expand this initiative further and provide a safe play area for children and the chance for them to develop their special awareness abilities. In 2011 the Congo-Foret Foundation began upgrading the local maternity ward, serving a community of approximately 2,500 people. Plans in the future include the construction of security fencing and a facility to provide clean running water.

The team at Congo-Foret continue to support all these initiatives on an on-going basis.

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