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Congo-Foret’s vision is to unleash the potential of agriculture in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on a large scale and develop a portfolio to match international standards.

In particular, we believe that the establishment of forestry plantations now will provide longterm growth and sustainability for the company as well as an effective way of growing capital value when timber deficits are forecast. The business plan is well balanced with existing mature rubber plantations providing short-term cash flow and investor rewards, while new estates develop.

The establishment of commercial exotic plantation forestry in unutilised savannah areas releases pressure on existing indigenous forests, providing an alternative fuel source and new and existing palm plantations providing options for biofuel, with trial crops in cassava and sugarcane expanding the business beyond its current scope. The consolidation and coordination of these multiple crops and geographically dispersed plantations is key to the long term success of Congo-Foret and much of the benefit will arise through bringing each product line on stream at the most appropriate time. Furthermore, the full and creative utilisation of the resources by-products will provide additional revenue sources.

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