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Congo-Foret Sprl is a leading rubber producer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) focussed on the cultivation, processing and marketing of natural rubber in the region. The company has developed a diverse and vertically integrated agricultural network within the country and distinguishes itself from traditional African agriculture investments in its commitment to responsible commercial agriculture and environmental management. Congo-Foret owns and operates a natural rubber factory in Dima in the Bandundu Province of the DRC. 

Rubber and palm plantations in the region actively produce the raw product that supplies our factory and these plantations are largely owned and managed by out-growers and rural communities. The company has been operating in the DRC since March 2008, and is clearly focussed on developing a diverse and vertically integrated agricultural network within the country from cultivation through to processing and marketing. In 2010, the company invested heavily in its in-country operations, culminating in the establishment of a natural rubber factory at the Dima port.

To date, through the company’s vast regional experience in agriculture, it has made positive strides towards achieving its vision in developing a leading agricultural business suited to local conditions.

Congo-Foret’s land holdings include…

  • A natural rubber factory at Dima port in Bandundu Province, commissioned in May 2011;
  • rubber and palm estates in both the Equateur and Bandundu regions;
  • a functioning port on the Kasai River at Dima;
  • and Virgin savannah grassland site at Dima.

Our transportation and logisitics assets include a Pusher boat (470hp) and two transport barges (400 ton capacity) which are integral to the successful running of our operations. 

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